I installed iiko a year ago, what now? What can it do?
This is the most frequently asked question from all over our enormous Motherland. We have the answer to this question as well as to many others. We decided to approach this issue systematically and started a hotline, where we answer any complicated questions that you have.

Statistics tell us that 80% of clients use only 10% of the iiko system potential. We want to change that. I am sure that nowadays this can become a question of survival for many. Optimization, which can be achieved through the integrated use of automation systems is really big. One of our restaurants approached the second crisis so prepared and optimized that we have no fear for its future. We realized something was wrong in February and started preparing for it.

However, it’s still not too late for others.

So, how do we work with iiko?
Our entire management accounting is conducted on it. We get the profit and loss accounts and also balance management sheets from it. All of this is done by our restaurant administrators, which do not have any special education. All payments to suppliers, rent payments, payrolls are also done by the administrators.
Once every 3 months a tax accountant plugs into iiko and uploads the documents into the 1C accounting program. He or she then makes a declaration and sends it off.
Administrators put all of the income bills into a special scanner that scans them and sends them off to a special folder in the “cloud”. From there the calculator (the person who works with the menu, food-costs and so on) puts them into the system. All of the other inventory documents are done through the front in the restaurant by chef’s, barmen’s and other workers.
As a result, administrators spend about one hour per day on accounting. This is very helpful because one tax accountant can control about 25 restaurants and a calculator can control about 6 of them.If you have a lot of restaurants this can help you save hundreds of thousands of rubles per year. If you have only 1 restaurant, for a small fee you can give the inventory control and accounting for outsourcing.

Nevertheless you also need to think about profit. To make a bigger profit you need to set up different discount systems and know everything about your guests. This is also included in the iiko system. For example we recently conducted the following events at our restaurant:

35% discount on all positions on the menu

A coffee “subscription”

A bonus system depending on your rank (at our restaurant)

The opportunity to put money on a deposit card and use it with a discount. iiko lets you quickly change these discounts if you need to.

Everything stated above is quite simple to set up. The most important thing is for you to want this. You can do this with our help, or you can do this on your own, contacting us about specific questions. This is exactly why we are opening up a hotline. We accept applications by phone, through mobile apps and e-mail.

The tariff rate is very simple

If you have only 1 restaurant or a little chain (up to 3 restaurants) the monthly fee for the hotline is 3300 rubles.

If your chain contains 4 or more restaurants the monthly fee is 10 000 rubles.